Onsite visits at USZ and ETHZ

We had a super productive onsite visit at Universitätsspital Zürich and ETH Zürich.
First in person consortium meeting at USZ

The Harmony consortium paid a two day visit to partners at USZ and ETHZ over the 21st and 22nd of September. We were able to see the facilities at the hospital as well as walk through the service tunnels and building areas where samples and materials pass through from the logistics hub to the internal post and on to the labs. The robotic delivery problem looks challenging but we are ready and eager to dive into solving it!

As part of the visit, we also conducted a preliminary data collection round with our sensor stack. Now we have plenty of rosbags to analyse for our ongoing developments.

So happy we could finally all meet in person in Zürich. Thanks to all the partners for making the trip!

Harmony onsite visit at USZ
Harmony onsite visit at ETHZ

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