Hospital of the Future Success

On 8 February, the event “The hospital of the future – advances in healthcare robots” took place at ETH Zurich. Over 100 people attended the event, including partners from the H2020 project “Harmony – Assistive robots for healthcare”. More than 60 people followed us online. The idea for the event arose from the #Harmony project (, which is coordinated by the Autonomous Systems Lab under the leadership of Prof. Roland Siegwart at ETH Zurich. Dr. Lionel Ott is responsible for the technical management of the project and Katrin Reschwamm (EU GrantsAccess) is responsible for the project management. Together with Prof. Bradley Nelson and Dr. Christophe Chautems from the Multi-Scale Robotics Lab (#HOSMARTAI) and Dr. Peter Wolf from the Sensory-Motor Systems Lab (#DIH-HERo), the idea was further developed and the programme set up.

This has made it possible to integrate other publicly funded projects that are mainly running at the Multi-Scale Robotics Lab (#ANGIE, #MINIGRAPH, and A Submillimetre Minimally Invasive System for Cardiac Arrhythmia Ablation). Furthermore, in addition to current developments in research, examples from practice were also shown. Here, the companies Magnebotix, Nanoflex Robotics, and F&P Robotics were added. In entertaining and comprehensible presentations, insights were provided into robots that can support hospital staff, and nanorobots, which in the future will be injected directly into the bloodstream to increase the efficacy of drugs. Before the intensive discussions continued over the apero, the participants had the opportunity to visit the research areas of the three participating ETH Labs. The topic of “robotics in healthcare” met with great interest from the audience. The many positive responses show that the event was very successful.

A captivated audience.
Roland Siegwart opening the event.

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