Harmony will develop assistive robotic mobile manipulation technologies for use in hospital environments. 

Our work will enable robust, flexible and safe autonomous mobile manipulation robots for use in human-centred environments by making fundamental contributions in cognitive mechatronic technologies.

“Population growth, ageing societies, and changing disease patterns are expected to drive greater demand for well- trained health workers in the next 15 years.”

(WHO, 2015) 


Mobile Manipulation

requires a holistic approach to formulating representations of the world that work on all levels of decision making. These representations can simplify measures of saliency, encode safety and robustness, and enable faster adaptation and learning of new tasks. Thus, Harmony will address both the technical and social challenges of bringing robotic mobile manipulation technology to the healthcare domain. 

use cases


  • Automation of on-demand delivery tasks around the hospital
  • Automation of hospital bioassay sample flow

Technical Objectives


Formalise an object-based world representation

Localisation and mapping

Develop robotic localisation and mapping for an object-based environment

planning and scheduling

Provide adaptive, congestion-free motion plans in human-centred spaces

grasping and manipulation

Learning grasping and manipulation from demonstration via an immersive control interface

Whole-body control

Develop robust and compliant whole-body motion planning and control for interacting with unknown objects

human-robot interaction

Deliver safety and acceptability recommendations for the use of mobile manipulators in human-centred environments